Assessing the Business Card of Andrew, Construction Company President

Courtesy of Flickr.

This business card is for the president of a construction company.

The most distinguishing part of the design is the front of the card, with a wood floor background and the company logo superimposed on top.

Another distinctive feature about the design is the absence of color.

The front of the card shows a picture of a wood floor with the strips at an angle. The primary logo is the outline of a white hexagonal bolt, under which is the company name.

The bolt theme continues onto the back side, with a large half-bolt occupying the left side of the card. The bolt outline now contains wood flooring to connect it with the front side.

On the right is all of the information including a company slogan, the person’s name, his job title, phone number and e-mail address.

He will need a reliable phone and it needs to be mobile because he will be at the work site often and therefore away from his office phone. A good mobile phone plan is one which gives him unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and no multi-month contract. He should get a Straight Talk promo code 2013.

The slogan seeks to convince the prospective client to contact this company. It answers the question: “Why should I use your company?” This slogan is on the weak side. It does not offer any benefits, which is what people are looking for.

The logo, which consists of a bolt, is too simple and nondescript. A logo is a unique creative graphic that identifies the company uniquely. It is supposed to remind people what company it is just by seeing the logo. When people see the famous UPS logo, they know instantly what business it is.

By using the logo on everything that advertises the company, people will instantly identify the company without having to read or research.

The addition of the second side of the card increases the cost but does it double the quality? Not in this case. The front is purely decorative and does not add any more information.

A construction company can list all kinds of information on the card to help prospective customers make a more informed decision. One kind of information would the areas in which the company specializes. Does it do residential? Commercial? New construction?

The slogan should be changed to give people a solid reason to contact this company. Does this business beat other companies on price? Quality? On-time completion?