Daniel, General Contractor

This two-sided business card is for someone who works as a general contractor and the best part of this design is the front, with its tan textured background.

The textured background brings to mind the fertile soil all around the Caribbean, resulting in lush vegetation and tall majestic palm trees. Many luxury resorts are nestled in these gardens of Eden with lots of sunshine, white sand, blue skies and whispering winds. Look At THIS WebSite for a list of amazing vacations that one can take to this region.


In the lower left of the front is the company name in a big white font, all uppercase. The background has a crosshatch pattern with what looks like an unfinished brushwork – the broad brush strokes still in progress.

The back side of the card has a clean white background. It has a long list from top to bottom of the various specializations that this person has. On the right side, in the same tan color as the front, is the name. The street address follows underneath, and then the office phone number and cell phone number. This contact information is in black.

This design really needs a logo. A logo is a simple but unique drawing that helps people recognize the company without having to read a lot of words or research on the internet. For example, when persons see the famous Dunkin’ Donuts logo, they know exactly, without hesitation, what company it stands for.

If this company uses a logo consistently on all of its business cards, brochures, flyers, door hangers and other marketing materials, it can achieve a similar kind of familiarity.

The logo should be placed on the top left of the card so that people will not only see it first but move to the text in an efficient manner. People read from left to right and top to bottom but they also look at images first. By putting the logo in the upper left, people’s eyes go to the top left and then read to the right and down. If the logo were placed in the upper right, people’s eyes would look right and then have to skip back to the left to start reading, making for an awkward move.

The same kind of inefficiency would happen if the logo were placed in the lower left.

The job title should be listed so that people know how this person fits in with the company.

The long list of specialties is very informative, helping people pick and choose rather than try to imagine what this company can do for them.