Why should you get a central vacuum?

If you’re looking for a quality central vacuum, then you may have come across the airwatts vacuum already, as it has claimed to be the perfect built-in vacuuming system. So what is this type of vacuum anyway? Many brands say they offer the best, but that isn’t the case at all. This article will dig down to what this term really means for the vacuum industry. We have contacted several people such as the head technician for central vacuum directly to get their insight on this term and how it affects customers when shopping for one. Some more detailed info can be found over at www.centralvacuumreviews.net
Firstly, what’s air watts and how’s it related to the basic suction power of built-in vacuums? Airwatts is simply this combination of airflows (cubic feet per minute) and the water lift (inches of the H2O) a power unit that offers suction until it goes into your unit. This calculation is based from a formula which uses two variables that’s used to come out with a third variable, the air watts. 
We know now how this variable gets calculated, so now we must recognize how it could be misleading in the huge central vac industry. Built-in vacs uses three unique components: 
1) outer body, specifically made out of steel but for more inexpensive units made out of polycarbonate (fancy name for basic plastic) 
2) this electronic control board that turns machines on and off to provide necessary electrical functions. 
3) motor to provide a needed feature that creates the suction for its power unit. 
It’s quite tough to be misleading with steel and electronics, so this just leaves the motor to be the main part that you should concern yourself with when buying your central vac. Furthermore, there are a few types of motors which are available to see from this below graphic. 
There is a wide range of motors that could be used for built-in systems. The cheaper powered units always use flow-thru or the peripheral bypass motors while the expensive ones us tangential bypassing motors. Canavac is the only company that uses infinity tangential bypass motors, which is a higher grade motor lasting 50% longer compared to the average powered units. 
When searching for a new powered unit, try to always be weary on the type of motors installed. A wise man once said that the bitterness in poor quality remains much long right after the sweetness of the low price one is forgotten. In this central vac industry, it really comes down to you get for what you pay for.